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Credic - Agora

Credic’s new album "Agora" unites the monumental cold of Swedish Death Metal with archetypical Heavy Metal riffing, huge grooves and orchestral grandezza, despite all the heaviness finely balancing on the tightrope between musicianship and ear candy.
The band resides on an impressive level and brings everything to the table one would like to hear on a contemporary Metal record: brand recognition, rough edges, abnormally huge riffs, even huger choruses - perfected by sound guru Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Apocalyptica), this album is a massive attack on all our senses.

The Outside - We Feel Through The Dead

"We Feel Through the Dead" is a political album. Death and Thrash Metal against elitism and populism, against borders and exploitation, against religious fanatism. For a world more fair and just. Others might be silenced or feel impelled by neoliberal ideas or right-wing positions. The Outside won't.

Godslave - Reborn Again

With their new album "Reborn Again", GODSLAVE they deliver a stronghold against the omnipresent negativity and scare-mongering! A positive attitude is something you consciously decide on and GODSLAVE already made up their minds by presenting a fundamentally different concept: a consistently positive message! Songs like "Full force forward", "Reborn Again", "Unseen Storm" or "Born to Fight" passionately shout out the will to control your own fate and shall inspire others to do so as well.

After ten years of many ups and downs, GODSLAVE virtually made a musically quantum leap with their new lead guitarist, something only a few may have expected. With "Reborn Again", the five-piece stands up to comparison with the big ones of the genre, with a great self-confidence.

Eradicator - Into Oblivion

"Into Oblivion" is the fourth album of the German Thrashers from ERADICATOR and their first release on Green Zone Music.

The ten fresh tracks reflect the spirit of our time. In songs like "Doomsday", "Decadence Remains" or "Read Between the Lies", ERADICATOR point their fingers critically on recent social developments and world political behaviour and denounce what is happening in the world we live in right now, while the fun and passion of playing Thrash Metal always weighs more than painting the devil on the wall and surely is the central part of the new output.

Everyone passionate about diverse and authentic Thrash Metal from Germany will find a partner in crime in ERADICATOR and will love "Into Oblivion".

Godslave - Welcome To The Green Zone

With the release of “Welcome to the Green Zone” in 2016, GODSLAVE kept true to themselves: Thrash Metal straight to the face with a decent shot of melody and hooks, hooks, hooks – not without a little surprise here and there! 11 songs full of passion and raw energy. Perfectly fit to bang away the worries and anger of everyday life!
45 minutes of pure Thrash Metal Wellness for body and mind!

Godslave - Whatever We Want

„Whatever we want – a tribute to Status Quo“ was the first ever release of Green Zone Music. The thrashers from GODSLAVE dared to take on one of the biggest and most influential Rock bands in the world: Status Quo. The outcome is a fresh and energetic tribute to those rocking giants and displays a heartfelt passion for the origins of Heavy Metal.