Green Zone Music

Dedicated To Passion


Distribution: Hart Music-Vertrieb GmbH

Founded in 1982 as pure export wholesaler, H’ART Musikvertrieb GmbH quickly developed into a reliable source for any music-related product available from Germany, from both, major and independent record companies. Import wholesalers and individual shops from all over the world have appreciated the services of H’ART ever since. The most important reasons for this are the comprehensive catalogue, the manifold ways of ordering (including B2B) and competitive prices.


Promotion:   Gordeon Music Promotion

Gordeon is in business for more than 20 years, working as radio, press and online promoters (PR) for the GSA market. The wide experience and long lasting work speaks for itself.


Artworks: Belach Design

Johannes Belach and Belach Design has accompanied Green Zone Music since the beginning and will do so in the future. Unique Booklet, Shirt and video design makes our artists shine through the mass of releases which flood the shelves nowadays.