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Credics new album "Agora" to be released on October 12th 2018

Todays’ Heavy Metal is nothing more than a gathering of carnival barkers. Who’sthe fastest, who’s the meanest, who’s the toughest, who’s got the biggest? Yet we all know: It’s not size that matters. It’s technique. Enter Credic. A troupe of frighteningly talented dudes from Stuttgart not to be pestered with petty clichés. Instead, they focus on what it should be all about: Dangerously absorbing music. Why did the world ever stop to do so?
And now, Credic is about to deliver a bold dose of finest Melodic Death Metal. Perfected by sound guru Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Apocalyptica), this album is a massive attack on all our senses. Fuelled by society’s conflicts or by inner demons, songs like “Alternate Ending” or “The Masquerade” unleash a constant stream of energy a lot of bands desperately try to achieve. And even without heralding a new revolution or the next reformation of Heavy Metal, it’s still more than crystal clear for any lover of modern Metal that something big is about to happen here. And “Agora” is only the first move on the board.

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