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The Outside - We Feel Through The Dead - Out on September 7th 2018

Keep politics out of metal? No. The Outside are an international band, with members from Chile, Israel and Germany. We will not stay silent. Music is the product of where we live; what we hear, see, and read in our countries and elsewhere. Metal is the music of firm positions. We present ours with a new lineup on "We Feel Through the Dead".
Many politicians and leaders in the economy stand against the majority and their desire for change, more fairness and justice. They fear to lose the privileges they inherited, which are based on exploitation of others. They gain support through fostering hate and racism as pretended answer to inequalities. The same inequalities they have made more visible and deepened by their version of globalization. They profit, radicals profit, the rich profit. Others die in resource wars. Of hunger in the Global South. Drown in the Mediterranean Sea.
"We Feel Through the Dead" is a political album. Death and Thrash Metal against elitism and populism, against borders and exploitation, against religious fanatism. For a world more fair and just. Others might be silenced or feel impelled by neoliberal ideas or right-wing positions. The Outside won't.

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