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ERADICATOR release "Into Oblivion" on March 9th

In times of omnipresent populism and fake-news, we consciously avoid the ordinary and outworn superlatives. Fact is: on March 9th 2018, ERADICATOR release their fourth album called "Into Oblivion", for the first time under "Green Zone Music".
Lyrically, the ten fresh tracks reflect the spirit of our time. In songs like "Doomsday", "Decadence Remains" or "Read Between the Lies", ERADICATOR point their fingers critically on recent social developments and world political behaviour and denounce what is happening in the world we live in right now.
Musically, the fun and passion of playing Thrash Metal always weighs more than painting the devil on the wall and surely is the central part of the new output. ERADICATOR never submitted to any trends and this hasn’t changed on "Into Oblivion". As musicians and composers, Seba, Robb, Zoppe and Pitti have grown after 14 years of band history. Listening to "Into Oblivion", no one will deny that. On record number 4, the guys again refined the definition of their own style!
The cover artwork was designed by Christian Bröhenhorst and supports the dark mood of the songs and lyrics in an ultimately fitting visual way.
Everyone passionate about diverse and authentic Thrash Metal from Germany will find a partner in crime in ERADICATOR and will love "Into Oblivion". The album will be available on CD, LP and as digital download on Green Zone Music.

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